ABOUT The Bania people of India

The Bania people of India are a large trading community with a population around 29,000,000 people. They are mainly found in northern and western India, and they are also called the Vania or Mahajan people. They speak Hindi and the regional languages of the states that they live in. The Bania people belong to a caste system with six subgroups and 18 clans.

Traditional occupations consist mainly of traders (grain, groceries, and spices), moneylenders, and merchants. Other jobs include administrators, engineers, doctors, judges, teachers, agriculture, and many more. This culture is known for their paintings, jewelry, and folk songs. The Bania are a wealthy and influential community.

The Hindu Bania worship all of the main Hindu gods and goddesses like Shiva, Parvati, Vishnu, Krishna, while Lakshmi and Ganesh (or Ganpati) are held in special reverence. These gods are prominently displayed and worshiped in their workplaces and homes. They celebrate all of the major Hindu festivals as well. The Bania cremate their dead, and the ashes are immersed in a river, preferably the sacred Ganges at Haridwar. Brahman priests perform all religious rituals for births, marriages, and death. Ancestor worship is also very prevalent.

The majority of Bania are Hindu (88%) while 11% are Jain. According to “The Joshua Project,” there are very few, if any, professing Christians. The Bania is an unreached people group who needs to hear about Jesus!

Ways To Pray:

  • Pray for the Bania people to hear the good news presented to them in a way they can understand.
  • Pray for Christ followers from neighboring cultures to have a God-given burden and concern for the Bania people.
  • Pray for the handful of Bania believers to remain faithful to Christ and to have both wisdom and boldness to present Christ to their own people through their words and lives.
  • Pray for spiritual seekers among the Bania people to discover Jesus as their greatest satisfaction and treasure.


Members of a people group share the same ethnic identity. They typically have a common language, a common religion, and a common history. People groups often cross political borders and live in more than one country.


A people group is considered unreached when there is no indigenous community of believing Christians able to engage this people group with church planting. Typically the percentage of Evangelical Christians is less than 2%.


There are 11, 747 People Groups totaling 7.3 billion people in the world.

There are 7,037 Unreached People Groups totaling 4.3 billion people.

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