Our Mission

Our mission is to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhereanytime, with anybody.

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Our Vision

In response to God’s leading, we will pursue 10,000 “disciples making disciples” relationships as a result of initiating 500,000 gospel conversations in which we will share the whole gospel of Jesus Christ with our neighbors and nations; and we will create a church multiplication movement that results in 100 healthy congregations in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

Our Values

The Gospel First & Always

We value the gospel first and always. Any time we say the word “gospel,” we simply mean the good news of Jesus Christ. We believe that the gospel not only has the power to save but to bring purpose and hope and meaning to any person’s life. That’s why we will always prioritize Jesus and His gospel. It’s going to affect everything that we do, whether we are gathered on Sunday morning or scattered throughout the city and communities throughout the other six days of the week. We will value the gospel first, primarily, and always in everything that we do as a church.

Intentional Innovation

As a church, we value intentional innovation. That means that we take our responsibility seriously to steward God’s people and His resources for His glory. We do that in a couple of ways. One is that we have a strategic plan so that we can align God’s people and resources to all point in the same direction through our campuses and ministries. Second, we celebrate the work of God that He is doing in and through our lay leaders, who often have some of the most innovative and creative ways to connect people to Jesus Christ.

Crossing Cultures

We believe that the whole gospel of Jesus is for the whole person. We believe that the gospel is for all people. That’s why we value crossing cultures with the message and the hope of Jesus. Right here in our city, we have the opportunity to reach people of all nations, ages, and backgrounds. We are committed to reaching every person no matter who they are or where their story begins. From Middle Tennessee to the ends of the earth, we are going to do whatever it takes to make sure everyone hears the good news of Jesus.

Uniquely Called

As a church, we value the idea that all believers are uniquely called to engage the whole person with the whole gospel of Jesus Christ anywhere, anytime, with anybody. In His wisdom and grace, God designed every person with unique gifts, abilities, passions, and talents so that we can each bring His good news to people in our lives who need to hear about it. He designed the church to be made up of unique and diverse individuals who work together to make disciples who make disciples of Jesus.

Multiplication Matters

We believe multiplying matters. When we share the whole gospel of Jesus Christ with those around us, it sets off a chain reaction of disciples making disciples anywhere, anytime, with anybody. As you invite someone to experience the risen Savior and the hope He brings, that person’s life will never be the same. We value disciples making disciples, groups forming more groups, and churches multiplying into more churches. The life-changing power of the gospel is contagious, and we get to begin the process of multiplication today by sharing our stories of how Jesus changed everything.