The Purity Code Pledge

In honor of God, my family, and my future, I commit to pursuing a life of sexual purity. This commitment includes honoring God with my body (1 Corinthians 6:18-20), renewing my mind for the good (Romans 12:2), turning my eyes from worthless things (Matthew 6: 22-23), and guarding my heart above all else (Proverbs 4:23).

The Purity Code is a book by Dr. Jim Burns that speaks to the importance of teaching our kids God’s great plan for sex and the many areas of life sexual purity presents itself.
In following the Purity Code, students are asked to make this pledge:

“In honor of God, my family, and my future, I commit to pursuing a life of sexual purity.” It encourages making a lifetime commitment to:

Honoring God with my body
Renewing my mind for the good
Turning my eyes from worthless things
Guarding my heart above all else

You, as parents, will be the one to help build the foundation your kid will need to make this commitment – a foundation of healthy sexuality that is based on Scripture and strong enough to withstand the forces of secular culture.

We believe the home is the center of godly influence.

  • There are 168 hours in a week.
  • The average student will spend 1-2 hours each week in church.
  • They will spend much more time at home, under your care, seeing your example, taking in your influence.
  • Be intentional with your influence!

Lead out in the conversations with your child.

  • Realize “the talk” is not one talk, but an ongoing dialogue

Pray about how you will continue the conversation and (hopefully) celebrate your child’s decision to make a purity stance.

We will help resource you with ideas towards a home ceremony celebrating their choice.

  • Set up check-in moments along the way with your child.
  • Model a life of purity in your actions, attitudes, and words.

The Purity Code is the resource we have chosen to best walk students through a general understanding of God’s creation, context, and celebration of sex and sexuality.

The Purity Code focuses on the ‘why,’ not on the ‘how.’

The Purity Code will take place each Wednesday night from February 6 through March 13.

Our Student LIFE Groups gather for worship at 6:30 pm and move into groups after that. Most groups finish up around 7:50 pm.

No preregistration is required. LIFE Groups are open to students in 6th through 12th grade.

Celebrating Your Student’s Purity Stance

A Purity Ring

This is an easy way to physically remind your student of their commit towards purity. It is to be worn on the ring finger of their left hand, where a wedding band would go.

Purity rings can be found in a number of different places. Here are a few local options and beyond:

Silicon Rings

  • Groove Life Rings  //  Groove Life is a newer company based in Spring Hill. They offer a wide variety of rings, including an option to engrave or customize a ring. View their site for details and options. I have a few of their rings and love them. Feel free to use the promo code F&F15 for 15% off at checkout.
  • Enso and Qalo are two other companies in this market, so feel free to search online and shop around.

Traditional Metal Rings + Jewelry

  • LifeWay in the Cool Springs area has a nice selection of rings at varying price points.
  • James Avery in Cool Springs Galleria Mall has some options.
  • Other local jewelers could have good options as well.

If you are comfortable shopping online and know a ring size, you might consider searching online for a great variety.

Other Options

  • A purity ring could be a great surprise for your student or a great time of discussion to talk through or even shop together for what they might like.
  • Searches on Amazon, eBay, or Google for more options of rings, jewelry, artwork, or other creative ways to commemorate this decision.

A Purity Celebration

The idea is to have an easy way to celebrate, affirm, and encourage your student’s decision towards the pursuit of purity.

Celebration Ideas

  • eating out at their favorite restaurant (this would just be a starting point…not the entire celebration),
  • having a prayer time at home, where the parent/family is verbally praying over the student,
  • a letter ceremony, where the parent and maybe other key people in the student’s life handwrite notes affirming and encouraging the student and/or prayers for the student regarding a life of purity,
  • verbally reading Scripture in your home over your student
  • you, the parent(s), join with your student in making this commitment towards pursuing a life of purity,
  • be creative to speak life and love to your students in affirming and celebrating this pursuit!

These are a few (hopefully) easy wins for your family. You are free to be as creative or predictable as you wish. This is for you. This is for your students. This is a lifelong pursuit of knowing, loving, and living for Jesus Christ.

Let us know if we can help you.