Station Hill Campus & Teaching Pastor Town Hall

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is our Campus Pastor right now?

Until October 1st, Jay Strother, who currently serves as the Campus and Teaching Pastor, will continue to fulfill the duties of that role. Our South Region Associate Executive Pastor, Chris Blanton, will work closely with your campus staff regarding day-to-day campus operations during the search period. Both Jay and Chris will ensure that your staff is cared for and supported as they continue to provide leadership in each ministry area of the church.

Who is on the Team tasked with searching for our next Campus Pastor?

Both Stan Breeden and Jay Strother will provide guidance to a search team that’s comprised of Station Hill members and select Staff Resource Team (ST) representatives. We’re grateful that the following Station Hill members will be serving on the search team:

Janie Burnett (Station Hill Campus Member and Staff Resource Team Member)
Chris Holz (Staff Resource Team Vice-chair and West Franklin Campus member)
Jeremy Johnson (Station Hill Campus member and Trustee)
Alan Pulfrey (Station Hill Campus member and former Trustee chair)
Kelly Carlson (Station Hill Campus member)

How does the search process work?

Candidates will advance through the following steps:

  • Initial screening and phone interview.
  • Answer a series of written questions related to theology and ministry practices.
  • Complete the PLACE and Strengthfinders Assessments.
  • Evaluation of sermons either in person or by video
  • Meet with the full search team.
  • Once a final candidate is selected, they will preach at the Station Hill Campus and attend “Meet and Greets.” Then church members will have ample opportunity to provide feedback regarding the candidate.
  • The candidate will be reviewed/approved by the full Brentwood Baptist Staff Resource Team and ultimately hired by the Board of Trustees.
  • The search team will provide monthly updates to the congregation during the process.

How can I contact the Search Team?

You can contact the search team at [email protected].

What can I pray for during this time of transition?

  • Pray for your campus staff during this transition and for church leadership to have wisdom and unity of heart and mind during this search process.
  • Pray for the next Campus Pastor. Pray for him and his family as God stirs their hearts to come to us. Pray for their transition to us and their future ministry with us.
  • Pray for Jay Strother and his family as he leaves to pastor the Brentwood Campus. Pray for a smooth transition and his new role as Senior Pastor.

What is the search team focusing on when looking for a Campus Pastor?

A pastor who can articulate a sense of calling and confirmation to this specific ministry assignment and how God has been preparing him for this moment. We want to identify someone who desires to develop and lead the campus staff and provide pastoral leadership to the congregation as much as they feel called to preach and teach. An ability to cast vision for reaching this community with the gospel is essential, as well as the ability to implement that vision among the staff and congregation.

What is the timeline for the search?

We believe the Lord will guide us quickly to what He has in store for us next and allow for a timely but measured transition to occur in the fall of 2023.

Do you have questions or need more information on the search process? Email us at [email protected].

[email protected]