Mission and Values

We strive to teach your children about Jesus Christ in every way we can. To do that, we have a mission and values that are important to us. See some of those values below.

  • Our Mission

    Connect people to the freedom, hope, and love of Jesus Christ by believing in the gospel, belonging in relational community, and becoming servants on mission with Jesus where we live, work, and play.

  • Our Values

    Above all else, we value the Gospel, God's message of grace Ephesians 2:8, loving one another John 13:34, the power of prayer Luke 11:1, and the truth of Scripture (Isaiah 40:8)

  • Grace

    Grace is radical. The more you believe you are loved, the more you want to know the lover of your soul. The more you know Jesus, the more you love Him. The more you love Him, the more you desire to follow Him. The more you follow Him, the more you become like Him.

  • Prayer

    We are a dependant people. Jesus teaches that prayer is an act of love for God and neighbor. He also teaches that prayer is the road we take when explanations name without solving. Prayer is the most human and earthy thing that we can do. Prayer is talking to God and listening for Him to talk back. Prayer is relationship.

  • Love

    We want to love Jesus with our songs and our lives. We love Him because He first loved us. We love others because He first loved us.

  • Truth

    Our desire is to know the Bible, experience what it talks about and do what it commands us to do. The Bible is our perfect standard for the Christian life. The truth of the gospel is the good news of our God rescuing us from sin, death and hell by the work of Jesus on the cross and the power of His resurrection. The gospel leads us to reject both self-righteousness and self-loathing requiring us to see ourselves as desperate people in need yet more loved than we dare to believe.