• What We Believe

    We believe parents are the primary disciplers of their children—and we are your partners in that process. That's why, each week, we create a safe, fun, and creative environment for your preschoolers to learn about God.

  • Special Events

    Throughout the year, we host special events and discipleship opportunities. That can include activities like mission projects during Bible study, preschool play dates, Vacation Bible School, and more.

  • Worship

    It's important for families to worship together. Beginning in kindergarten, we encourage children to attend services each week with their parents so they can learn to worship God with their family and church.

  • Mother's Day Out

    Providing a Christ-centered environment that supports parents in training their children as they grow physically, socially, mentally, and spiritually.


  • LIFE Groups

    Sundays  |  8:00  |  9:30 AM  |

    Led by trained adults. Teaching core Bible concepts through small group story-time, hands-on activity centers, and creative kitchen time (9:30 only). Our kindergarten classes also participate in preschool worship during the 9:30 hour.


  • Worship Care (Birth–2 years old)

    Sundays  |  11:00 AM  |  

    Led by trained adults and parents on rotation. Exploring Bible concepts and the lesson from the previous hour.

  • Preschool Worship (3 years old-Kindergarten)

    Sundays  |  9:30 AM (K only)  |  11:00 AM (3 years old-K)  |

    Our preschoolers begin this hour with a time of large group worship consisting of singing, prayer, and Bible time. Following large group worship, preschoolers experience small group worship through Bible story review, hands-on activities, and creative kitchen time.

  • KidLife (3 Years Old–Kindergarten)

    Wednesdays  |  6:30 PM  |  

    Learning and discussion of Bible stories, life concepts, and music through a creative, hands-on environment. (Available for children whose parents are involved in classes or activities offered by the church.)

  • Childcare (Birth–2 Years Old)

    Wednesdays  |  6:30 PM  |  

    Available for children whose parents are involved in classes or activities offered by the church.