Wednesday, February 20, 2019. The Station Hill campus of Brentwood Baptist Church will be open for normal programming. Please use your best judgment regarding travel based on your local conditions. ×

Upcoming Events

9:30 AM

Moms Study

Jan 09-Apr 24
Station Hill Student Area, Second Floor
5:30 PM
6:30 PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, February 27
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
Choir Room
6:30 PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 6
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
Choir Room
6:30 PM

THRIVE | 3 Things Kids Need from Parents

Thursday, March 7
6:30 PM-8:30 PM
Brentwood Baptist Church | Hudson Hall
8:00 AM

Mobile Food Pantry

Saturday, March 9
8:00 AM-12:00 PM
Spring Hill High School
6:30 PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 13
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
Choir Room
6:30 PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 20
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
Choir Room
6:30 PM

Worship Choir Rehearsal

Wednesday, March 27
6:30 PM-7:45 PM
Choir Room

  • Summer Connect Groups

    Plug into one of these great Summer Connect Group opportunities. Groups include:

    Ultimate Frisbee
    Family Movie Days
    Bible studies

    and more

    See all the groups

  • LIFE Groups

    It's not good for us to walk alone. We need each other. LIFE Groups provide safe environments that foster meaningful relationships and spiritual formation. And we believe that sustained life change takes place best int he context of intentional relationships. (See Acts 2:42-47, Hebrews 10:24-25,Romans 8:29.)

    Current LIFE Groups

  • Focus Studies

    Focus Studies take a closer look at God's Word as it relates to a specific book of the bible or topic. These studies give us the chance to explore these topics/books with others over for a specific time frame anywhere from a few weeks to a semester.  Focus Studies are offered on Sunday mornings and throughout the week.  Check out some of the options for how you can plug in to a Focus Study.

    Current Focus Studies

  • Who are groups for?

    Everyone. We believe every person needs significant relationships to be healthy. That's why we want to be a churchof small groups, not just a church with small groups.

    "I have never known anyone . . . who was isolated, lonely, unconnected, had no deep relationships - yet had a meaningful and joy-filled life."
    —John Ortberg

  • What are groups like at Station Hill?

    The name "LIFE Group" literally communicates that we journey through life with one another where we live, work, and play. But the name also has a much deeper meaning: it symbolizes our desire to foster true, biblical community.

  • Marriage Mentoring

    An opportunity to connect with other couples to focus on your marriage.

    Find a Mentor / Be a Mentor

  • Loving One Another

    Having a community of fellow travelers on the journey to pray and care for us makes it easier to deal with the twists, turns, and bumpy parts along the way.

  • Involving Ourselves in Community

    We play an important part in each other's lives as we find the joy and comfort from doing life together.

  • Focusing on God's Word

    When we learn with others on the journey, we start to find the real life answers and real hope that the promises of God hold for us.

  • Engaging the World

    We desire to be a missional community that goes in service on behalf of the kingdom of God.