We are providing worship care for birth-4 years old! Please keep in mind that there’s a limited capacity due to safety measures. Please note that space is limited, and requests for Worship Care must be made by 11:59 PM on Wednesday.

  • Doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the worship service or childcare event.
  • We will hold your child’s place for 15 minutes once the service or childcare event begins. After that, we reserve the right to give that reservation to the next person on the wait list.
  • One adult per child will be permitted in the preschool area. All adults entering the preschool area will be required to wear a face mask.
  • Temperatures will be taken of all preschoolers who are staying to participate in a worship care or childcare group.
  • Please feed your preschooler before arrival. Snacks will not be served in worship care or childcare (pre-mixed bottles are allowed).
  • If anyone in the preschooler’s family begins to exhibit symptoms of COVID-19, the preschooler will not be brought to worship care.

Please Contact Amy Keys ([email protected]) for more information.

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Next Generation FAQ:
(Birth-Grade 12 and their families)

We take the safety and security of our church family seriously. We also desire for you to know our strategy continues to move forward despite not being able to meet in a building right now. Here are a few responses to the questions that most of us are asking.

What programming will there be for birth-grade 12?

We are thrilled to offer Worship Care by reservation for children ages birth-4 years old. We’ll also provide children, as well as students, with weekly digital programming. These helpful resources will contain discipleship content that’s specific to each developmental stage. We encourage you to use these resources to spark conversations with your family during the week and connect intentionally during this unique season. Further updates will be made on our ministry webpages and social media accounts.

Why aren’t we offering programming on campus beyond Worship Care (birth-4 years old)? Why aren’t all ages coming back in the building on Sunday morning?

  • Our facilities staff is limited in the number of square feet they can clean according to protocols. Opening up all spaces would overwhelm their capacity to be able to provide the sanitary measures needed to provide an environment as risk-free as possible.
  • As we often offer families the opportunity to worship together during unique seasons of the year, like Christmas and Easter, we recognize this can be a unique season as well for children to experience worship with their family. Developmentally, children ages 5 and up are able to begin participating in worship with their families, while ages 4 and under have a more difficult time engaging in an hour of worship.
  • During a non-covid season, we have amazing volunteers ready and willing to serve the children and families on Sundays and Wednesdays. Due to a variety of reasons ranging from personal vulnerability to personal comfort level, many volunteers are unable to return at this time.

Will we have any outdoor gatherings this semester?

YES! Our campuses will be offering several gatherings for families in parks or in our parking lots.

What resources are we offering families during this time?

Our Preschool and Children’s teams are working collaboratively across all of our campuses to provide a weekly resource with music, teaching, and encouragement, along with campus specific opportunities. Our Student Ministries are working together to provide a weekly worship/teaching time and continuing to contextualize opportunities specific to their campus. We’re also providing daily devotionals with family applications and activities, along with the Creating Healthy Families podcast. We will continue to develop resources designed to encourage and enrich your family on the Family Ministry page of our church’s website and on social media.

What in-person gatherings will there be in the fall for my school-aged children?

At this time, our Student Ministry will begin meeting for LIFE Groups during the week, either on Zoom or at host homes/parks. We’ll continue to monitor this closely. We’ll be exploring outdoor worship opportunities during the fall. Our Preschool and Children’s Ministries will be hosting family worship opportunities and family fun nights. Please check out our websites for more information regarding these opportunities.

Who has been involved in the decision-making process that has impacted the Next Gen Ministries?

Our church has created a COVID-19 Task Force Team (comprised of members from our Executive Leadership Team and Campus Team Leaders from multiple campuses). Also, Trustees have given approval to decisions. We’re also monitoring the local/state/national governments and CDC guidelines to insure we are in compliance with recommendations.

What is taken into consideration when making decisions?

Making decisions requires us to pray and consider many things we’ve never had to consider before. It’s our sincere heart to have in-person ministry, but we also want to minimize the potential risks of gathering as much as possible. Each of our campuses are in different locations with different congregation sizes. So, what works for one campus will not work for the others. We’re making decisions as best we can with that information in mind.

Could decisions for fall of 2020 be reconsidered in the future?

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the lead of our COVID-19 Task Force Team.

What safety measures are in place?

We are continuing to require health checks on all staff and volunteers before they serve. Staff and volunteers are asked to wear masks while serving on Sundays. We have increased hand sanitizer stations and are keeping to physical distancing guidelines by using designated entrances and exits. In our Preschool areas, all spaces/toys will be sanitized, and classes will not come in contact with one another while they are in the Preschool area. With the exception of pre-mixed bottles for infants, we will not be serving any snacks.

What is available on Sunday morning to assist children in the worship services?

We have worship guides available for preschool, young children, and older children. You can text the word “FAMILY” to 623623 to receive these on your device.