Safe Families: How You Can Help

Becoming a Safe Family will be challenging in many ways, but one way our church can help make these transitions easier is through our centralized “storehouse” of items the family may not have when asked to take in a child on fairly short notice.

We ask that you read the following FIRST in order to better understand our needs for this ministry.

Because of our limited storage space (we currently have two 10x10 units), it is necessary to limit the donations to the following items. Please read the list carefully and help us keep our supply donations manageable by only including items on the list. One day we hope to have a larger, more permanent storage space which will enable us to accept more donations. We are so thankful for your help to support these families and children, and we are excited to watch this ministry grow!

Please be sure to read the notes for the items marked by an asterisk* beneath the list. There you will find specifics on certain items that we have to be more intentional with in our acceptance of them. 

Clothes** (UPDATE: We are not currently accepting clothing due to the outpouring of donations. Thank you!)

-snap n' go

Car seats
-infant seat
-[rear and front facing] convertible seat with five point harness
- [forward facing only] with five point harness
-high back booster
-backless booster

Diapers [all sizes]
Pull Ups

Carriers [soft structured and wrap]
Sound machines 
Baby gates
Outlet covers 

Sippy Cups [EUC]
Bottles [EUC]
Kid friendly diningware [plates, bowls, utensils]
High chair/feeding seats

Pack n' play
Toddler bed
Toddler bed rail/mattress pads
Sheets [bassinet, pack and play, and crib]
Crib size mattress cover
Rocking Chair/Glider [FULFILLED]

Bouncy seats
Infant bath seats
Infant swing 
Infant play mat
Activity centers [Exersaucer, Jumperoo, Walker, Johnny Jumper]
Walk behind toy
Ride on toy

Developmental toys***
blocks [wooden, rubber, Lego Duplo, large Mega Bloks]
shape sorters
stacking cups
latch boards
wooden puzzles
wooden activity cube
sensory balls
Little People sets
baby dolls 
transportation toys
peg boards

Standard size backpacks

*A NOTE ON CAR SEATS: Car seats must not be expired and need to have a minimum of six months of "life" left. They also can not have been involved in an accident of any kind. No exceptions. 

**A NOTE ON CLOTHING: Size newborn through child's 10/12. In order to best organize the clothes as we are moving them into the storage facility, we ask that you only bring clothes and accessories that are suitable for cold weather. Long sleeved shirts/dresses, long pants, outerwear, cold weather accessories (hats, gloves, etc.), and any closed toe shoes are very much appreciated. We also ask that the clothing comes presorted by gender and size. This can be as simple as labeling a box or a bag, “Girl – 2T”.

***A NOTE ON TOYS: In order to maximize our space in the units, we have set limitations on what toys we will allow into our inventory. Toys must be small enough to fit into a standard size backpack, be overall developmental in their function, and cannot contain excessive pieces. We also ask that any kid meal toys (or toys similar in nature) not be donated. 

****A NOTE ON FOOD AND FORMULA: As our storage units are not temperature controlled, we cannot accept any formula or liquid baby wash/shampoo. Because formula (next to diapers) is the most costly weekly expense for a host family, we recommend donating a gift card. Gift cards can be purchased and taken to Casie Dietrich at the church.

ONE LAST THING: As placement referrals are made, we may have specific needs. Please join the "Station Hill Safe Families Donations" Facebook page, and check it regularly to see when those needs are posted.

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