Extended Family

There is a definite time and place for personal biblical study. However, digging into scripture with a LIFE Group brings in many perspectives and life experiences and provides a close-knit group of people to walk alongside you in your journey - like extended family.

Durward Blanks recalls a challenging period in his life when the Wills/Hughes LiFE Group has stepped up through prayer, encouragement, and support. “Without the close relationships, love and prayers through this group, our walk would have been much more difficult,” Blanks explains. He also receives encouragement and blessings from taking time to pray with and encourage others in his group when he is called upon.

The Wills/Hughes LIFE Group have studied several books of the Bible in depth and have been known to spend an entire meeting breaking down a single verse. They’ve also conducted sermon-based studies and topical studies. The group consists of people from various life stages – single, married, some with kids and some empty nesters. “Only by divine direction could this kaleidoscope of personalities have come together,” Blanks continues to describe his group.

Durward enjoys the community, the encouragement, the spiritual challenge, but mostly feeling the freedom to be himself and allowing others to walk alongside of him while he, in turn, walks alongside of others. He explains, “In each aspect of our lives, we wear the mask according to what we want others to see, or to not see. 
The intimacy of our group allows us to gradually remove those masks, allowing others to get closer to our true self. That's what happens in our group. As we get to know one another we become closer and more intimate, feeling a freedom to take off our masks. Through our lifegroup, we have developed lifetime relationships. Our lifegroup is essentially an extended family relationship.“

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