Culleoka LIFE Group

By Chrissy Jensen

Just drive 27 miles south of the Station Hill campus at 6:00 p.m. on any given Sunday evening and you’ll hear the clucking of chickens heading into their coops for the night, a whole bunch of children playing outside, and the laughter of our Culleoka/South Columbia LIFE Group. 

In August of last year, we moved from Spring Hill to the tiny town of Stiversville, Tennessee. We soon began feeling a bit disconnected. It’s not as easy as it once was to pack up our dozen children and drive the now-40 minutes to church for every activity we want to attend. 

By living so far away from our church home, but also too deeply connected and invested at Station Hill to find a church closer to us, we tried to figure out how we could be more involved. Since God had blessed us with a spacious place to live, we decided we could use our new space to bring a sense of community to this area by hosting a LIFE Group. 

Paul and I didn’t think anyone from Station Hill actually lived this far south. We were pleasantly surprised to instantly have two other couples who had been hoping a LIFE Group would become available in our area and were willing to attend.

From the outside, it would appear we don’t have very much in common. Our LIFE Group isn’t based on our life stages or ages of our children, but instead on our “country” location.

However, it’s amazing to see how the Lord brought our group together and confirmed it in crazy, strange ways.

The ladies discovered we're all members of the same local women’s self-defense club and that two of us collect an obscure type of pottery. The men bonded over tractors, rescue dogs, food, and their mutual love of hot peppers (the kind that make you involuntarily turn red and drip with sweat).

Occasionally, someone will ask me why we would host a LIFE Group when we have 12 children “keeping us busy.” I tell them that making sure one bathroom is clean and cooking for a few extra people is a blessing knowing that our friends are coming to visit.

We're building a community and deep friendships with people who are kind, genuine, and willing to do life alongside our family.