Avenue South hosts first service at new site on Easter Sunday

On Sunday, April 20, The Church at Avenue South celebrated Christ's resurrection by hosting their first service on site at their new location, The Rose-Acuff Building off of 8th Avenue. 

The first floor of the building is officially under construction. With a make-shift sanctuary situated in a gutted, dust-filled, first floor area that will soon become home to their Children's Ministry, folding chairs were brought in and more than 160 people attended, including the building's owner. 

Led by Ave South Worship Leaders Adam Wheatley and Haley Hamilton, the worship set was all acoustic, with no microphones and only one small screen at the front of the congregation flashing the lyrics to each song. 

At the end of the service, Launch Team members were asked to grab a marker and cover the walls and floors of the area with scripture. For more than an hour, they spread out, marking what will become the worship center, commons area, office area, and children's area. 

The Launch Team continues to meet for worship each Sunday afternoon at 5:00 p.m. in Hudson Hall until they can officially take up residence in their new home later this summer.