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The Whole Church in the Whole Word

Join our church family in 2020 as we read through the entire Bible chronologically. We'll follow George Guthrie's Read the Bible For Life plan and share our thoughts along the way. Watch the video from Jay and see the links below to learn more and get started.

  • Get the Weekly Email

    Each Monday, we'll send you an email with that week's chronological Bible reading texts included and linked to an online Bible for your convenience. We'll also include links to the resources 

    Get the Weekly Bible Reading Email

  • Get the YouVersion Plan and the Bible App

    Follow this plan online and even listen along. Also good for groups to share and discuss as you go along.

    Follow the YouVersion Plan

    Here's a short tutorial video to get you started:

    More Resources

    Here are helpful links to enhance your Bible reading in 2020 including free online resources as well as physical books and Bibles for purchase.

    Download the Station Hill compact reading card. (PDF)
    One card, front and back for easy use day-to-day.

    Download the LARGE PRINT reading card (PDF)
    Thanks to Lee Harrison for laying out a large print version of the plan for us.

    Download the Guthrie reading card. (PDF)
    Same plan, but on 2-3 pages, just in case.

    Read Five Reasons You Should Read the Whole Bible in 2020
    Our entire staff is reading through the Bible this year and discussing weekly. Here's an article that explains why from a minister's perspective.

    Purchase the Reader's Guide
    Many of our LIFE Group leaders have a copy of this resource. It includes the plan itself, but also a daily and weekly synopsis of the texts and even two fold-out timelines and other helpful, related content. 

    Purchase the Chronological Bible
    This copy of the Bible includes many of the notes from the Reader's Guide and is laid out according to Guthrie's chronological plan. Get your copy to access helpful guides and avoid flipping back and forth as you follow along.