Welcome to the Student Ministry at Station Hill! This is a great time to jump in and start connecting. This is your place to get all the info you need to start:


  • So much growth and change occurs during the student years. We count it a privilege to partner with families and students through it all. Our goal is to strengthen, support, and encourage families to and through Jesus Christ. We have a strategy for helping shape, guide, and move students towards living their lives for Jesus Christ. Each year, through LifeGroups, Sunday AM, worship, and ministry opportunities, we make the most of life's natural mile markers by merging student's questions and discussions into specific lanes by giving them biblically based answers. 


    This co-ed Bible study is for all students in 6th-12th grade. It has a flair all its own as students dig into the Bible together.
    9:30am -10:45am  |  Student Area

    All students gather for an introduction and examination of the truth we're exploring that day. From there, students move to breakout groups that meet in the student area. During this time, students focus on a more in-depth look at applying God's Word to their lives. This is our largest gathering of students on Sunday.

    11:00 am  |  Student Worship Room 

    This co-ed Bible study is for all students in 6th-12th grade. It has a flair all its own as students dig into the Bible together. 

    Our Curriculum  |  The Gospel Project

    All our Sunday AM groups utilize The Gospel Project to guide their time and discussion. For more information, you can visit The Gospel Project’s website HERE


    6:30 pm - 7:55 pm  |  Student Worship Room 

    Small groups are a vital part of The Church at Station Hill. Each Wednesday night students gather for worship in the Student Worship Room before moving into LifeGroups. Groups are grade and gender specific, which allows students to:

    1. open up as they explore God's Word
    2. study specific life issues
    3. build deep friendships
    Our Curriculum  |  Foundations Curriculum

    On Wednesdays, every Student LifeGroup focuses on a particular foundation and follows biblically based curriculum. The foundations are as follows:

    Identity | Relationships | Character | Purpose | Servant Leadership | Absolute Truth | Influence

    You can dig more into each foundation by visiting HERE


    Each year we offer specific events geared to engage and challenge students to grow to love God and love others. These are not things to keep students (or families) busy. They are specifically crafted to prayerfully maximize opportunities for life-change. We encourage students (and parents) to be involved and take advantage of these unique moments. Check out our calendar for all upcoming dates HERE.


    START Lunch

    Saturday, August 10  |  11:30am to 1:00pm  |  Station Hill

    Rising 6th graders and their families are invited to see and hear about the student ministry while enjoying good food and company.

    Details available HERE.