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To Persuade Both Jew & Greek

May 5, 2013

Jay Strother · Acts 18:1-11

  1. What can we learn from Paul’s time in Corinth as it relates to the expectations we have for sharing the gospel?
  2. When Paul faced opposition in the synagogue, how did he respond? In which circle of your life—family, friends, work—do you face the strongest opposition to your faith? What would it look like for you to live out Paul’s example?
  3. Crispus became a believer along with his entire household (“oikos”). Oikos was a term that described people who lived in close relationship with one another. Who in your “oikos” needs Christ?
  4. Paul had a heart for the cities and regions to which he traveled. Do you have a heart for Middle Tennessee? How can you be a part of our church’s outreach and mission opportunities that are impacting our region?