The Power of the Gospel

August 11, 2013

Jay Strother · Romans 1:14-17

Paul’s Key Reasons for Writing Romans: 

To ____________________ God’s good news! (v. 1)
To ____________________ his calling as a “slave of Christ Jesus” (v. 1-7) and the “chosen instrument” (Acts 9:15)

To ____________________ the church (v. 8-15)

To ____________________ for mission (v. 8-15)

To ____________________ the power of the gospel (v. 16-17)


Table Talk Questions:

What does it mean to be a slave to something?  What actions and attitudes characterize a person who is a slave to Christ?

Because Romans contains key teachings about faith and theology, people are often intimidated to read it.  Why is it important that it was written to a specific church dealing with specific challenges and opportunities? 

What are reasons that we might be ashamed of the gospel?  What is the result if we don’t boldly live and proclaim the good news?

How would you describe specific ways “God’s power for salvation” has changed your life?

This week’s homework: Read the book of Romans, noting the explosive power of the gospel to destroy false thinking, bring clarity and transform our perspective.