The Guilt of Mankind

August 18, 2013

· Romans 1:18-32

Sermon Notes:

We must see the connection between 1:18-32 (the______________of God) and 1:1-17 (the_____________of God). Wrath defined biblically: God’s holy hostility to______________, his refusal to________________it or come to terms with it, his just_____________upon it. Three

Questions we must answer: 

1.___________________is God’s wrath? 

2.____________________what is God’s wrath revealed? 

3._____________________is God’s wrath revealed? Paul is defining the natural consequences of the truth that “_____have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” (3:23), but he never loses sight of the____________________.


Table Talk 

What does Romans 1:18-20 teach us about God and His relationship with mankind?
What are the most common excuses that people make for not responding to Christ (v. 20)?
Paul uses the term “exchange” three times.  Why do people trade God’s truth for the lies of the Enemy?
Describe the “downward spiral” of sin depicted in this passage.  Why do we need to come to grips with the natural progression of our rejection of God?

Where is the hope in this passage?  How does talking openly about sin demonstrate how the gospel is truly “good news?”