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The Gospel is for Everyone

April 21, 2013

Mike Glenn · Acts 15

  1. Acts 15 gives the account of the first major church conflict, which centered around whether or not to allow Gentiles full membership in the church of Jesus. A decision had to be made about whether or not Gentile converts had to become culturally Jewish, which some Jewish Christians demanded. In a way, this is similar to traditions we try to add to the gospel for people to be accepted in our churches. Can you think of some examples?
  2. What was at stake in deciding this issue? How would things be different to this day for Christians if the people in Acts 15:5 had been successful?
  3. In Peter’s words, both Jews and Gentiles are saved in the same way. How? See Acts 15:11.
  4. Commentators point out there was a “double victory” here—a victory of truth by preserving the integrity of the gospel and a victory of love in preserving the fellowship of believers. In a world of sensationalist journalism and social media where sensitive issues are often handled improperly, what can we in the 21st century learn from the way the 1st century church handled a difficult issue?