Teach Us to Count the Days

May 26, 2013

Jay Strother · Psalm 90:1-17

1.       This weekend marks the “unofficial start” to summer.  How do you plan to use your time this summer?  How do you normally approach scheduling your time?

2.       Psalm 90 is written by Moses in which we get his perspective on time in the middle of the wilderness journey of God’s people.  What is his view of God and time?  What about man and our sense of time?

3.       According to 90:12, how do we develop wisdom towards the time that we are given?

4.       Ephesians 5:15-16 helps us to understand the “two faces” of time as taught in the New Testament.  Why is it  important to ask “What is this time for?” instead of just “What time is it?”

5.       Our summer schedules provide us with an opportunity to evaluate our use of time.  How can you use time wisely this summer with the eternal perspective that comes from Psalm 90?