May 20, 2012

Jay Strother · Genesis 3:1-10

1. We have spent seven weeks looking at “epic fails” in Scripture. Which story/situation do you feel like you relate to the most: Betrayer (Peter), Persecutor (Paul), Frustrated (Moses), Tempted (David), or Bitter (Naomi/Ruth)? Why?

2. In each of these stories we’ve learned that God takes his glory seriously (Moses), God takes sin seriously (David) and that God takes his promises seriously (Ruth). Looking at Adam and Eve, why do you think God takes relationship so seriously?

3. What do you do in an attempt to “hide” from God when you fail? In past failures, how do you sense God was still pursuing you?

4. While we’ve studied different characters in the Bible, we’ve learned much more about the character of God in this series. In this story we see both punishment and provision for Adam and Eve; how are both linked to God’s nature?

5. Why is Genesis 3:15 and 3:21 sometimes called “the first gospel?” What hope do these verses give you?

5. NEXT Step: As we conclude this series, get out your journal and ponder these stories. Ask yourself what defines your life—past failures and fear or grace and hope? If we surrender our failures to God, our sin and past no longer define us. We “put on” Christ as our new identity and we live redeemed and resurrected! Do you know Christ as the redeemer of your story today?