May 27, 2012

Jay Strother

1. Fill-in-the-Blank: “They remembered that God was their , the Most High God their redeemer.” Looking back, what has God been for you? Why did you choose this word?

2. Why do you think the Bible constantly reminds and commands God’s people to “remember?” What happens when we don’t stop to reflect on the words and mighty acts of God in our lives and history?

3. NEXT Step: Stop to give God praise today. For inspiration, download and worship to the words of the song “We Will Remember.” Then write down in a journal or notebook the ways that God has “been your peace in the midst of the storm,” or helped you “walk through life’s darkest valleys.” Most of all remember, “the day He saved you, the day you heard Him call out your name.” Share that story with someone this week where you live, work or play.