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Making the Case

May 12, 2013

Jay Strother · Acts 19:1-10

  1. The city of Ephesus was famous for its massive temple to Artemis and its love of all kinds of occultic and mystical religious practices. What examples of non-Christian spirituality do you see people pursuing in our culture today?
  2. Paul’s first encounter there is with a group of men who knew about John the Baptist but not Jesus or the Holy Spirit. Why do we need to be careful of assuming the gospel? How is Paul’s example helpful for us when encountering people who are religious?
  3. These men had been baptized before. Why were these men baptized again? Have you been baptized? What was your motivation?
  4. In the middle of this fascinating and unusual chapter, we see a summary of Paul’s three years in Ephesus. Why do we sometimes overlook the importance of consistent faithfulness when talking about spiritual warfare?
  5. Not only is there real power in Jesus, but His followers challenge the status quo. Like Artemis worship and the commerce that followed it, what powerful idols in our culture does Jesus confront? What idols do we need to see and smash in our lives?