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Liberating the Prisoners

April 28, 2013

Jay Strother · Acts 16:25-34

  1. What does Paul and Silas’ response to their circumstances show about their faith? If you were the jailer, what would you think of Paul and Silas praying and singing, of them remaining in prison after the doors were opened?
  2. What prompted the jailer to ask, “What must I do to be saved?” How does our response in difficult situations and suffering shape our witness?
  3. What’s the evidence that jailer’s faith response was genuine? Why do you think he performed specific acts of service? Why do we?
  4. At the beginning of the story, it appears that Paul and Silas are the ones who need to be set free, but it’s actually the jailer who needs liberation. What do you need set free from today? What about those around you? How does Paul tell the jailer we’re saved?