Hope That Will Not Disappoint

September 8, 2013

Jay Strother · Romans 5:1-21

  1. What are some examples of ways people try to find “peace with God?”  In the first four chapters of Romans, Paul has told us there is only one way: what is it? (1:17).
  2. We put our hope in many things that ultimately let us down.  By what process does Paul reveal a “hope that will not disappoint?” (5:3-5) Why is it crucial to grasp this truth?
  3. Paul points to the truth that what the first Adam lost in the Garden of Eden, the “second Adam” has restored (5:12-17).  How is Jesus’ work similar to Adam’s?  How is it different?
  4. What would you say to someone who has difficulty believing God’s grace can provide forgiveness (5:18-21)?  Is that different from what you tell yourself?  If so, how?