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For the Rest of the World

April 14, 2013

Jay Strother · Acts 13:13-52

  1. Acts 13:16-41 is Paul’s first recorded sermon. In a retelling of the story of Israel, Paul lists all the things God had done. How do God’s actions throughout history prepare the way for Jesus?
  2. What are the key elements of Paul’s gospel presentation in verses 28-37? How does this compare with 1 Corinthians 15:3-8? Why is the theme of resurrection so important to Paul? 
  3. How do the various groups react to the same gospel message in verses 42-51? How is this an example of the variety of responses to the gospel that still happen today? 
  4. Paul and this first group of missionaries were willing to engage new groups with the gospel. How can you play a part in what God is doing through our church and mission partners to engage a diversity of people with the gospel?