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First Called Christians

April 7, 2013

Brian Coates · Acts 11:19-26; 13:1-4

  1. The church at Antioch was the first place that followers of Jesus were called “Christians.” Why is this important? What did it say about the way they lived their faith out as a community of believers?
  2. A group of unknown believers has the courage to share the gospel with Greeks (or Hellenists). What is the immediate impact? Why is this an important development int he life of the early church?
  3. The church at Jerusalem sends Barnabas to confirm what God is doing and to serve, and Barnabas goes to find Paul to help. Why is good leadership crucial to the health of churches?
  4. responding in worship, the church is obedient to the call to release Barnabas and Saul to their first mission journey. Why are evangelism, missions, and church multiplication key priorities of the church? How should we engage these opportunities?
  5. Antioch is a model church, engaging in evangelism, teaching the Word, and ministering to brothers in need. If we’re the church, how can we be more like the church in Antioch?