Finding Ourselves Again

January 8, 2012

Jay Strother · 2 Kings 22:8-13

1. Are you consistently reading, studying, and applying the Bible in your life? If not, what are some of the reasons why?

2. What was Josiah’s first reaction when the Book of the Law was read to him? What was the long-term impact on his life and the nation?

3. What does it mean when we say, “We don’t just read the Bible, but the Bible reads us”?

4. How do you need to respond to what you heard from God’s Word today?

5. ACTION STEP: Find your Bible—the one you’ll read daily, the one you’ll bring to church, the one you’ll take notes in! Now, find a “Read the Bible for Life” brochure or download the app and join us in the 2012 Chronological Daily Reading Plan.