But Jesus

April 8, 2012

Jay Strother · Mark 16:1-8 · 1 Corinthians 15:3-8

1. What is an “Epic Fail?” Why do you think this concept has become a viral sensation online and in our culture?

2. How was Jesus an “epic fail” as a Jewish Messiah? How did the resurrection dramaticallychange that reality?

3. What does the power of the resurrection mean for all of the “fails” and “epic fails” of our lives?

4. What failure do you allow to define you? What does it mean to you to know you can be a “new creation” in Christ? How can you “live the resurrection” this week?

5. Action Step: Listen to the song “Mighty to Save” and write down and/or share “all you rfears and failures.” Pray and ask God in faith to “fill your life again” with the power of the resurrection this Easter!