Abraham’s Example of Faith

September 1, 2013

Zach Van Gieson · Romans 4:13-25

In the first three chapters of Romans, Paul argues that no one is able to please God. Yet, at the beginning of chapter four, he introduces a man who found favor with God. How does Paul explain this seemingly impossible situation?

Based on the answer to the above question, is it possible for us to earn God’s favor? Or must it be given to us?

Why was it important, particularly to Paul’s Jewish audience, to explain that Abraham is the father of all? (as opposed to only a certain ethnic group, see verse 16)

Commit Romans 4:25 to memory this week. Do you truly believe this? Are you trusting in the work of Jesus to give you right standing before God? If you are, who do you need to tell about this wonderful news? (think: Oikos cards)