June 26 - 29, 2023

Children who have completed 5th Grade by the summer 2023 are invited to participate in this mission experience.

The 5th Grade Missions Team will partner with another TN church to host a Backyard Kids Club (BKC).  Backyard Kids Clubs are simply Vacation Bible School conducted at a partner church, community park or someone’s backyard.

  • Each 5th grader will be assigned to a team that will teach during the BKC and lead a rotation (i.e. music, recreation, crafts, etc.).  Adult participants will serve on the same team as their 5th grader.
  • The team will be responsible for leading Bible Study, Music, Crafts and Recreation.
  • During the day training and preparation for each night’s activities will happen with the team along with a few opportunities for community mission projects.

More information, the cost and registration coming soon!


Station Hill Kids Ministry