Medical Dental Unit parters with The Well at Station Hill

On Saturday, May 10, the Medical Dental Unit (MDU) set up in the parking lot at our south regional campus, The Church at Station Hill. There they partnered with The Well, a local ministry, to provide a free clinic to people in the area. 

The Well serves those in need in the areas of Spring Hill, Thompson's Station, and College Grove. It began as a food pantry in 2006 in a local church. Now, with the support of contributions from individuals, churches, businesses, and others in the Spring Hill area, their goal is to make sure no one goes hungry in that area. 

At the event, 17 people served—11 of whom were first-time volunteers and 7 of whom were Station Hill members. Throughout the day, they saw 29 patients and provided 29 medical screenings, 19 dental appointments, 15 teeth extractions, and 2 fluoride applications. 

Amy Fairchild, MDU Coordinator, said, "We saw God at work as he brought a lot of hurting people to us. Most were Christians, but many didn't have a church home. There were a lot of "God" moments as we provided medical and dental care—and just talked and prayed with people." 

Even though The Well set up appointments for their own clients, the team experienced some no-shows in the morning. Then, one man walked in with a hurting tooth and said he'd been driving around looking for a dentist and saw the team stationed there. Later, when he walked out of the MDU, he said, "I know God directed me here today." 

"What a way to start the day!" Amy said. "And what a reminder that God has a reason for every person to come to us at each event. Thank you for all your prayers. We're excited to see what God continues to do in the lives of these 29 people."