LIFE Group Stories | Khai Lian & Nem Mung

Khai Lian and Nem Mung are originally from Myanmar, but they now call Middle Tennessee home. The Church at Station Hill heard about Khai and Nem and committed to caring for this family by helping them on a regular basis as they adjusted to life in America. Christine Coates shares, “We found out about this family that had just come here six months before we met them. They came from really hard places.” 

Now, the family has found not only support, but also friendship in the families who have helped them. Christine goes on to explain, “This family has truly become our friends. They’re not a project to us. They are people we love, and we cherish their friendship.”

Khai Lian shares “When we first encountered help from American families, we were overwhelmed. We did not expect to see people who were willing to help us.” His wife Nem Mung adds, “When the American families came to us, with the interaction and the attention they gave us (which was rare for us to receive), that gave us a sense of security.”

Khai Lian and his wife are followers of Christ, which created an immediate connection between them and the families from Station Hill.

This connection between Khai Lian and Nem Mung and The Church at Station Hill is possible because of the church’s partnership with World Relief, a global organization with the mission of empowering the local church to serve the most vulnerable.

Leigh Ann Swords, Station Hill Missions Coordinator explains how this partnership with World Relief and refugee families works. “What we do is come along and help them get acclimated to America. We help them not feel so alone and thrown into the country where they can’t speak the language. God gave us this family, and through our relationship with this family we have met other neighbors who don’t know Christ.”  

Helping a refugee family get settled in their new life in America is one simple way to make a significant impact in their lives. At The Church at Station Hill, we’re excited to continue being a part of Khai Lian and Nem Mung’s lives and the lives of others who have moved here from faraway places.

Do you have a heart for the nations but can't find a way to travel overseas? Refugee ministry is the perfect opportunity for you to serve the nations as they come to us! Through the ministry of World Relief, we have the opportunity to adopt these families for a period of six months to a year to help them get acclimated to life in the United States and show them the love of Christ.

Contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to find out more about how you can be involved in this ministry to refugees who have moved to Middle Tennessee.