Family Gathering, November 2017

The November 2017 Family Gathering was a great success. On the heels of the largest Family Gathering ever in July, this was a great time to take a deep breath, celebrate the year, and prepare our hearts for what God has in store in 2018.

The night featured notes from Jay, updates on Missions efforts from Leigh Ann, a special recognition of Kathy Fambro, and the completion of our annual survey. Oh, and LOTS of chili.

A Word from the Pastor

Jay gave us a glimpse into our churches new mission statement, which is the basis for the recently completed sermon series, "Engage." The statement is as follows: 

"Engaging the whole person with the whole gospel, anywhere, anytime, with anybody."

He also shared the values which will guide our efforts in accomplishing this mission:

Gospel First and Always, Romans 1:16
Uniquely Called, Psalm 139:14-16
Intentional Innovation, Mark 2:1-12
Crossing Cultures, Genesis 12:1
Multiplying Matters, Matthew 28:19

Lastly, there are a few great questions we should all be asking one another at all times:

How are you being changed by Jesus?
How are you being discipled and who are you discipling?
When and where are you experiencing life-giving biblical community?
Who are the lost people you're praying for and having gospel conversations with?
What is breaking your heart in the world, and what are you doing about it?


Missions Update

  • Avg. of 50 volunteers serving locally each month.
  • Margaret Reid is leading 20 volunteers to serve the new and existing senior care facilities in Spring Hill.
  • 51 weekly jet packs from Station Hill going to hungry children in our community. Thanks to Jennifer Burrell for coordinating.
  • Purchase, pack, or participate with our partners on December 9 for Christmas Food Baskets
  • Kay Parker and tutors at Marvin Wright are now up to 17 volunteers.
  • ESL has seen a total of 14 students this Fall from Columbia, El Salvador, Vietnam, Mexico, Costa Rica, Russia, and Sudan, assisted by 12-15 volunteers.
  • 69 Station Hill people went on Mission Journeys this year ten locations at home and around the world. It was great to hear from Aimee Fletcher and Mike Carpenter about their experiences.
  • We still have work to do in reaching our campus goal of $75,000 for Hope for the World. Currently, we're at $32,000.

Christmas Concert, Christmas Eve, and more

Cliff shared about the upcoming Christmas Concert, the new project for the Station Hill Choir, and more.
Get all those details here.

Annual Survey

Lastly, we took time for complete the Pastor's annual survey. If you were not able to fill this out, it is available below.

Take the Annual Survey